Handwriting Fonts For Scrapbooking Projects

Handwriting fonts have become increasingly popular in scrapbooking over the past few years. These fonts mimic the look of handwritten text, providing a personal touch to scrapbook pages and projects. Unlike regular fonts with uniform, printed letters, handwriting fonts have the variations, connections, and imperfections of actual handwriting. This gives titles, journaling, and other text a handmade, custom feel. With hundreds of handwriting fonts available, scrapbookers have countless options to make their pages unique. The variety of styles, from basic print to calligraphy to childlike writing, allows scrapbookers to match fonts to their theme or topics. Overall, handwriting fonts are a fun way for scrapbookers to add personality and one-of-a-kind flair to their albums.

Benefits of Using Handwriting Fonts

One of the biggest advantages of using handwriting fonts in your scrapbooking projects is that they add a more personal touch to your pages and layouts. Handwritten fonts allow you to mimic the look of actual handwriting, without the hassle of having to hand letter everything. This creates pages that feel more customized, intimate, and heartfelt.

Instead of using regular typed text, handwriting fonts add style, flair, and personality to your scrapbooking projects. They make the pages feel like they were crafted just for that moment or memory. Rather than looking generic, the handwritten fonts add a personal signature. Using scripty, flowing fonts evokes emotion and conveys the love and care you put into your scrapbooking.

Handwriting fonts are ideal for creating layouts and albums that feel nostalgic, timeless and personal. The handmade, hand-crafted vibe of the fonts adds character and uniqueness to your scrapbooking pages. Whether you use the fonts for your titles, captions, journaling or other creative ways, they help make your projects more sentimental, heartfelt and customized.

Popular Handwriting Font Styles

When selecting a handwriting font for your scrapbooking projects, three of the most popular styles to choose from include:

Cursive Handwriting Fonts

Cursive handwriting fonts mimic the fluid, connected letters of cursive handwriting. These fonts create a graceful, elegant look and are ideal for formal titles, invitations, and more. Some popular cursive handwriting fonts include Journal, Lucida Handwriting, and Monotype Corsiva.

Print Handwriting Fonts

Print handwriting fonts recreate the look of hand-printed letters, with a casual, informal style. They work well for journaling, captions, and other body text elements on a scrapbook page. Some widely used print handwriting fonts are Comic Sans, Magneto, and Texgyre Schola.

Calligraphy Handwriting Fonts

Calligraphy fonts have an artistic, sophisticated flair with thick and thin strokes mimicking those produced by calligraphy pens. They add a touch of class and are great for headlines, invitations, and decorative elements. Some beautiful calligraphy fonts include Reenie Beanie, Ballpark, and Sophia.

With the range of handwriting fonts available, you can add a personal, handcrafted look to your scrapbooking pages and projects. Experiment with different styles to see which options complement your theme or photos best.

Where to Find Handwriting Fonts

When looking for handwriting fonts for your scrapbooking projects, there are many free and paid options to find a variety of beautiful and unique styles. Here are some of the top places to find handwriting fonts:

Free Handwriting Fonts

– Google Fonts: This free font library contains a wide selection of handwriting font styles from elegant script to marker and brush styles. You can browse and download as many as you’d like.

– Creative Market: While not everything on Creative Market is free, they do offer a selection of free handwriting fonts you can download, both script and print styles.

– Font Squirrel: This is another great source for free commercial use fonts, including many handwriting styles.

– Scrapbook.com: Their blog shares handpicked handwriting fonts for scrapbooking that you can download for free.

– Individual font designers: Many font designers will offer free handwriting fonts as sampler versions or freebies on their sites.

Paid Handwriting Fonts

– Etsy: Tons of independent font designers sell handmade handwriting fonts in their Etsy shops. This is a great place to find unique styles.

– Creative Market: Along with free fonts, they also have thousands of premium handwriting fonts for individual purchase or by subscription.

– Font Bundles: Affordable bundles and deals on premium handwriting fonts from independent designers.

– Scrapbook.com: Along with their free options, they also sell handwriting font packs for scrapbookers.

– Commercial font retailers: Sites like MyFonts.com, FontSpace.com and FontSpring.com also have large handwriting font collections.

So whether you’re looking for free or premium options, there are plenty of diverse sources for finding beautiful and creative handwriting fonts to use for titles, journals, quotes and more in your scrapbooking projects!

Tips for Using Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts add personality and charm to scrapbooking projects, but it’s important to use them thoughtfully. Here are some tips for getting the most out of handwriting fonts:

Mix up fonts, sizes, and colors. Using a variety of handwriting fonts keeps pages from looking repetitive or boring. Try combining a formal script font for titles with a more casual, loopier font for journaling. Vary font sizes too – use larger sizes for impact and smaller sizes for subtle accents. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors either. Complementary or contrasting colors can make font combinations pop.

Limit the number of fonts per page. While it’s good to mix fonts, using too many on one page can seem disjointed. Stick to 2-3 handwriting fonts per page for best results. You can tie the fonts together through color scheme or size variations.

Print out samples first. Screen display can be deceiving, so print out any important titles or phrases in your chosen fonts before using them. Make sure the fonts are legible and visually appealing when printed.

Use handwriting fonts sparingly. They work best when paired with standard block fonts for journaling, captions, etc. Too much handwriting font can seem overwhelming.

Consider purpose and theme. More formal, elegant script fonts suit serious or sentimental pages, while playful, loopy fonts fit fun, lighthearted themes. Choose handwriting fonts that align with the purpose and tone of your page.

With the right balance of fonts, sizes and colors, handwriting fonts can add personality and visual interest to your scrapbook pages!

Handwriting Fonts for Titles

When choosing a font for titles in your scrapbook pages, you’ll want to use a bolder, larger sized handwriting font to make the titles really stand out. Handwriting fonts in sizes like 50pt and above work great for page titles. Some good handwriting font options for scrapbook titles include:

  • Little Lord Fontleroy – This font has an elegant, looping style perfect for formal titles.
  • Fredericka the Great – A bold, stylized font great for adding a fun flair to titles.
  • Sophisticate Hand – Offers a casual, handwritten look in a larger size.
  • Bristol Avril – Features unique uppercase lettering ideal for making word art titles.

When working with handwriting fonts for titles, make sure to adjust the kerning (space between letters) so the letters don’t collide into each other. You can also add letter or word spacers for a more visually pleasing title. Using these kinds of bold, expressive handwriting fonts is a great way to add personality and customization to your page titles.

Handwriting Fonts for Journaling

For journaling and writing personal notes on your scrapbook pages, smaller, casual script fonts work beautifully. These fonts mimic handwriting in a casual, conversational style at a size that feels handwritten. They help add personality and charm to your journaling without distracting from the overall page design.

Some great handwriting font options for journaling include:

  • Journal Script
  • Dear Janelle
  • Back to School
  • Freya
  • Matilda

These whimsical script fonts will make your journaling look handwritten even when using a digital font. Size them around 14-20 points for easy readability. Print and cut your journaling out by hand, or print directly onto your page.

The casual style of these handwriting fonts helps communicate the personal, conversational tone of journaling. They complement the photos, papers and embellishments without overwhelming the page. Handwriting fonts are an essential tool to make journaling and notes calligraphic and artistic.

Handwriting Fonts for Quotes

Adding quotes to your scrapbook pages is a great way to highlight meaningful words and memories. Using handwriting fonts for your quotes can give them a personalized, handwritten look.

Handwriting fonts pair beautifully with scrapbooking quote images and textures. Try mixing different font styles against a vintage paper background or alongside a photo frame for a visually pleasing effect. Some creative ways to use handwriting fonts for quotes:

  • Print the quote in a handwriting font and cut out each letter – scatter the individual letters across the page or tape them within a photo frame.
  • Use a handwriting font within a text box on top of a paper or watercolor texture.
  • Choose a thinner, delicate handwriting font for feminine pages and a bolder, thicker font for edgier pages.
  • Stack two similar handwriting fonts on top of each other in different colors for a shadows effect.
  • Mix uppercase and lowercase letters for a natural, handwritten look.

Handwriting fonts add a personal touch to meaningful words and quotes. Experiment with different styles, textures, colors and placements to make your quotes stand out.

Creative Uses of Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts open up many creative possibilities for your scrapbooking projects. Here are some fun and unique ways to use handwriting fonts:

Word Art

Turn a meaningful word or phrase into an artistic focal point by using a handwriting font. Print the word large enough to fill an entire page or canvas. Experiment with different colors, angles, layers, and embellishments to make it stand out.

Thought Bubbles

Use a handwriting font inside a printed thought bubble shape to highlight memories, quotes, or journaling on a page. This adds a fun, comic book style element. Position the bubbles near photos or journaling to tie it all together.


Handwriting fonts mimic the look of hand lettering, but are much easier to do! Print out titles, captions, or phrases in a handwriting font to make them look hand-drawn. You can add borders, shadows or dimension to make the lettering pop.


In summary, handwriting fonts can be a fun and creative way to add personality to your scrapbooking projects. From whimsical fonts for titles to stylized scripts for journaling, there are endless possibilities. When used thoughtfully, handwriting fonts can make your pages feel more natural, artistic, and heartfelt.

Here are some final tips for using handwriting fonts successfully:

  • Choose font styles that match the theme and mood of your project
  • Use handwriting to showcase heartfelt quotes or personal journaling
  • Mix and match fonts for visual interest
  • Print a physical sample to ensure a font looks good on paper
  • Limit handwriting use to titles, accents, and short blocks of text
  • Test fonts at the size you intend to use them
  • Use high quality fonts from reputable sources

With an abundance of options for stylized and realistic handwriting fonts, the possibilities are endless for adding your unique touch to scrapbook pages and keeping the human connection in your projects. Let your handwriting fonts reflect your personality and tell your story in your own hand.

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